A World of Endless Wonder

With the encouragement of a dear woman – I’ve started writing again. I normally have been using turcotte07both Facebook and G+, but sometimes you need more space that the limited amount that they offer you. And really – they are more like commercials for the mind than full thoughts. They are supposed to be blurbs and such.

So why the blog? I miss writing. So I will be using this as my own blog, a spring board for my stories and occasionally “In Character” postings for my WoD  characters. It will give me a place to explore those aspects of the mind and such. I use the above opening title because this was how Ms. Frederic from Warehouse 13 greeted new Agents when they finally saw the expanse of the warehouse itself. Much like the mind – it is an endless vault of wonder and imagination. The idea for this blog is for me to is to give a place for all these things. I know many times I have gone back on a story and changed/expanded it into something else or it became the launch pad for another monster all together.

Either way – I hope you enjoy these glimpses. My design is that they inspire others into putting words to print to give the world a new facet.

-Tony Fuentes

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