Cool Origin Story Bro

So if you were watching television, you would understand that entire conversation that led to that amazing one line dropped by Clark Gregg. It made me think about humanity and its own origin story as well as that of the characters that I create. A writer and storyteller creates lives. He gives those lives meaning, motivation and depth. I have often looked back at my own origin story and needless to say, I have disagreed with some of the creative directions taken. Yes, that story has made me what I am – however there are always something I wish differently.

One of those moments – one of the golden ones came back to me for a brief stay. You never realize how much you miss that moment in time and a thousand memories came flooding back. There was a coolness and a strength that was sorely missed.

Again – memories that flood back and in those moments, more is added to the origin story. We are constantly adding on to our own origin story with each person we meet.


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