Approaching Madness

As I’m approaching a rather large milestone in my life, Spider said something in a FB post that had me chuckle. To paraphrase – we (my collective gaming group) are a well-educated group who still are hooligans. To which I replied with punching something and then looking at my IRA-Roth account.

I’m a hooligan who has a Bachelor’s of Science, a brain for Forensic and plays plastic space man on the weekends for children & charities.

Most hate the thought of hitting the 40 year old milestone. Men fear it and fill it with things of their youth or attempt to be youthful with expensive cars and younger partners. Women dread it for their own reason that I cannot speak for because I’m not a woman (I only play one on stage…).

In response, I am following an old adage…

“When faced with Madness – dive”

I’ve done some amazing things in 40 years. Angels fear what will come from the next 100. Sure you can call me old, but my capacity for madness has increased. I’m dangerous in my own right and hitting 40 proved that it’s hard to stop me.

This is part where you see me grin and my eye brows peak

I am continuing to climb this peak – Heaven help you if you get in my way.


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