About Tony Fuentes

Stories can be defined as communicating an experience. In my case, it is communicating experiences both real and imagined. I created this blog as both a fresh start from the old LJ days. So to start…

Our tale begins with a young man in his 30s who often times fails to see the difference between reality and that which is conceived in his sleep deprived mind. It is from there that the well springs forth ideas, personalities and concepts as well as the occasional pull back ground floor that is reality.

His interests include Writing, Comic Books, Reading, Hats, Women, Tomfoolery, and helping of Trouble. Also occasionally known as Gideon, Gideon Fontaine and Gideon’s Wake – he simply just Anthony to some and Tony to most. He also runs on another blog of an alcoholic nature – if your liver permits.

He is survived by an empty fish tank and a childhood lost to responsibility.


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